Considerations Regarding Concealed Carry

Considerations Regarding Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry vs Open Carry – this is an issue that has gained momentum in recent years. There are individuals and groups advocating for “Open Carry”. Most states require that persons obtaining a permit or license to carry a handgun must carrying the firearm concealed. Clothing must conceal the firearm and holster.

Open Carry supporters want to just strap on a handgun and wear it in public. There are states that do permit “Open Carry”. However, most of those states, if not all, do not require a permit or license. And in some of those states you must apply for a permit to carry concealed.

In my experience (33 years in law enforcement) there are individuals of the criminal type that would love to see “Open Carry”. This way they have a “Heads Up” on what type of resistance they may have to any crime they are contemplating, and particularly who may be an obstacle to their intended endeavor.

Areas in which I worked would typically provide for a less than desirable outcome for the individual carrying their gun openly displayed. I would hasten to say they would immediately be assaulted and robbed of their firearm. I have asked many of these advocates (both in person and online) to provide me one advantage of “Open Carry” as I believe it is nothing more than an avenue to massage someone’s ego.


There is a very wide selection of holsters available for carrying a handgun. I’ve seen a host of recent ads touting a company’s particular holster as “the last holster you’ll ever have to buy”. Suffice it to say I have a drawer full of them. Holsters, like guns, have tradeoffs…for every positive point there is likely to be a negative one. The more complex the holster and setup is the more l