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 About Us

Founded & Managed by SGT Daniel "Zeke" Mathena

[ NRA Certified Training Counselor ]


Certifications include the Connecticut Police Academy as; Police Firearms Instructor (since 1984), Shooting Decision Making, Less-lethal Munitions, SWAT Tactics (building/room clearing/searching, crowd control) additional cerifications in the following;

• Smith & Wesson Academy, Springfield, Massachusetts – Armorer’s School
• Colt Firearms, West Hartford, Connecticut – Armorer’s School
• Beretta Firearms, Accokeek, Maryland – Armorer’s School
• Glock Firearms, Smyrna, Georgia – Armorer’s School
• Advanced Tactical Training in Hostage Rescue and Drug Raid Operations
• Certified State of Connecticut “Blue Card” Instructor for Armed Security Officers
• Certified State of Connecticut “Gold Card” Instructor for Bail Enforcement Agents
• NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer
• NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
• Interstate Police Officers’ Association
• Certified Patrol K-9 Handler
• Certified Police Weapons Armorer
• Certified Police PR-24 Baton Instructor
• Certified Police Counter-Sniper
• Certified Scenario-Based Training & Simunitions Instructor
• Certified Less-Lethal Munitions Instructor (12ga. & 37mm delivery systems)
• Certified Instructor in Center-Axis-Relock (C.A.R.) tactical pistol
• FAA Licensed Helicopter Pilot
• Airborne Law Enforcement Association

Steve Weisher

[ NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer ]

Twenty-eight years of public safety experience.

Former Police Chief
Graduate, FBI National Academy
Graduate, New England Institute of Law Enforcement Management
Executive Command, Regional Emergency Services Team
Critical Incident Management Certification
Certified Police Academy Instructor:
    Criminal Investigation and Reporting
    Crime Scene Management
    Public Safety Ethics
Member, International Association of Chiefs of Police
Member, FBI National Academy Associates

Steve Chastain

[ NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer ]

Captain Steve Chastain is a retired Indiana State Police Trooper with over 26 years in law enforcement.

Steve served as a Road Trooper, Criminal Investigator, Sergeant, First Sergeant and eventually Captain, retiring as Commander over the South Operations for the ISP.


Steve served as a member of the ISP Emergency Response Team (SWAT) member as a Sniper and Entry Team Leader, as well as a Firearms Instructor for the ERT, Indiana State Police Academy, Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and Field District Instructor. 


  He has Law Enforcement Training certifications in;

  -  Tactical Weapons and Maintenance including Sniper certification, 

  -  Emergency Response Tactics and Critical Incident Management,

  -  Homicide Investigation, Arson and Hazardous Materials, 

  -  Accident Reconstruction and Traffic Enforcement. 


During his career with the Indiana State Police, Steve served as a Trooper Trainer for new Troopers assigned from the ISP Academy as well as being assigned to a Federal Task Force with the FBI, DEA and US Marshals Service for 3 years.


 Steve has a Bachelor of Science in Criminology from Indiana State University and has additional training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Marshals Service.  



At Tactical Defense Training Center we offer comprehensive training programs designed to give you the confidence and tools to overcome life-threatening encounters.

Tactical Defense Training Center (TDTC) was contacted just after the Church shooting in Charleston South Carolina. Students of TDTC had referred us to their Clergy as discussion arose regarding Concealed Carry in their various Churches.

Our position is that planning and being prepared cannot be overstated. 
Just being armed alone is not the answer. Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it is a start to the answer. Pulling a gun in an incident of extreme stress, surprise and chaos can lead to unintentional tragic consequences. We teach techniques that prepare & train shooters in stressful situations. We have a deep commitment to helping and seeing that any training in this area is well thought-out and done with Safety as a priority.

TDTC has been successful in providing this training. Other Churches and many other individuals have been contacting us regarding this issue. Now as more incidents unfold involving attacks on our citizens we find that Concealed Carry Response Training is needed more than ever to prepare the everyday person for this type of event.

Each incident brings a lot of conversation regarding preparedness and firearms. Certainly there are citizens out there rightfully concerned for their safety, and safety of their family & friends. Proper training involves more than just standing at the firing line and shooting at targets.

At TDTC you can count on getting realistic training to help you prepare for that nightmare. Join us for "Concealed Carry: Active Shooter Response".