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Course Descriptions

Our courses are offered seasonally and upon advanced booking.

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Florida CWL/Handgun Safety Course

[ $95.00 Includes ammunition, range and use of guns. ]

Some Florida Concealed Weapon License  (CWL) classes run 2 or 3 hours long.  Some have each student shoot one round into a barrel or bucket of sand. Then you will get a certificate to qualify you to obtain your Florida Concealed Weapon License.  You will then be licensed to carry your firearm concealed for self-defense purposes.  Do you really want the bare minimum? 
While you can find a Florida CWL class costing you less money and a class that runs in a shorter amount of time, we feel that people wishing to carry a firearm for self-defense should have proper training with firearms and our course offers just that.

We run a qualified CWL - Handgun Safety Course. The course runs approx 6 ½ hours in length and we do significant handling of many different types, makes & models of handguns. Students then step out onto the range where they fire several different calibers of the handguns we worked on in the class. Upon completion, participants receive a TDTC Certificate qualifying  for a Florida CWL.

Anything less is doing a great disservice to you, your family and friends. Carrying a firearm without proper training is a disaster waiting to happen.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be properly trained…..let us all be responsible, safe gun owners.

This Florida CWL class is a prerequisite for all higher-level TDTC handgun courses. 

One-on-One Training Session

[ $50.00 Does NOT include ammunition or handgun.  You are required to bring your own firearm, magazine(s), ammunition and holster(s). ]

This is a one hour personalized training session at our range.  An instructor will work with you one-on-one for an hour to go over any questions, issues you have with your firearm.   We can address fundamentals such as stance, grip, sight alignment or more advanced skills such as emergency reloading, tactical reloading, off hand shooting,  etc....

You will need to bring your own firearm, magazine(s), ammo, and holster.   This will be an hour long session with one of our instructors and is non-refundable.

Close Combat/Defensive Handgun Course

[ $90.00 Does NOT include ammunition. You will need approximately 200 rounds. ]

A three-plus hour class designed to build upon skills learned in the Florida CWL/Handgun Safety Course. The class starts with "Close Combat" techniques, then "Shooting While Moving" emphasizing proper use of cover.  The class ends with an introduction to our "Walk in the Park", Range teaching how to enter a home or building by utilizing techniques emphasized in "Angle of Incidence" training.

Students learn to use their handgun safely, quickly, and reflexively in close-range high-speed defensive situations, and to understand the legal responsibilities of handgun use.  This course should be considered a minimum for anyone who considering carrying a handgun for self-defense. 

Advanced Defensive/Tactical Handgun Course

[ $90.00 Does NOT include ammunition.  You will need approximately 200 rounds. ]

A quick refresher of drills from the "Close Combat/Defensive Handgun" course.  Then participants will learn & practice reloading under fire & clearing malfunctions, addressing multiple threats and Shoot/Don't Shoot scenarios in a live range setting.  An introduction to shooting with both weak and strong hand.

TDTC Steel Challenge

[ $25.00 Does NOT include ammunition.  You will need approximately 75 rounds.  Bring your handgun, holster, and enough magazines to hold 30-40 rounds ]

We are thrilled to announce that Tactical Defense Training Center (TDTC) is now hosting a competitive steel shooting challenge!   Nothing beats the sound of bullets on metal and our newest course, "The Metal Shop" recently received a major upgrade to enable us to host this. 


The Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) was organized by the US Practical Shooting Association with the mission is “to promote safe, fair and fun participation in Steel Shooting competitions, for members of all ages and skill levels, through effective leadership, education, communication, and administration“.


This competition will reinforce the safety and skills we teach in all our classes while adding a level of fun and excitement with other like-minded individuals in friendly competition.


We will be running two courses of fire, “Showdown” and “Roundabout”.  

Each course consists of 5 targets and shooters get 5 timed runs on each one.



The shooter’s slowest run time will be dropped, the others will be added together for each stage for the stage totals. Then the two stage totals are added together for the Match Score.  



While a full match of the Steel Challenge consists of 8 stages of fire we will be initially be running the two stages during this introduction as indicated.  

The SCSA has Equipment Divisions, the descriptions and the regular rulebook can be found at

Run N' Gun Course

[ $25.00 Does NOT include ammunition. You will need approximately 75 rounds. ] 

This course is a combination of paper and steel targets at differing distances and positions.  The shooter is required to address targets from 6 different shooting positions and move between those positions. The course exercises numerous self-defense skills including multiple threat acquisition, right and left-hand shooting, shooting from cover, shooting while moving, tactical magazine changes, safe firearm handling.


The course is limited to 25 rounds and the shooter must have multiple magazines in order to be able to carry 25 rounds. Scoring is calculated using the number of targets hit and overall time.   Bring your handgun and either a IWB or OTW holster, and magazines to hold 25 rounds for each run on the course.  There are 2 runs per attendee so a minimum of 50 rounds would be to bring 75 rounds.

AR-15 Operation & Qualification

[ $80.00 Does NOT include ammunition.  You will need approximately 100 AR-15 & 50 Handgun Rounds ]

An in-depth course covering AR-15 overview & Nomenclature, Field Stripping (as well as Bolt-Carrier Group), Parts, Maintenance & Cleaning, Function Checking. The course covers an extensive amount of information from basic to the skilled shooter

Then to the Range to shoot various drills, including Shooting While Moving, Proper Use of Cover, Transitioning to Sidearm. Bring your AR-15, 3 magazines and sling. Also your sidearm (handgun) and holster.

Shotgun Clinic

[ $55.00 Does NOT include ammunition. You will need to bring the firearms, holsters and ammo identified below ]

We will cover the Basic Function and Purpose of the shotgun, Ammo Choices & Selection, Shooting Positions, and Transitioning to your Sidearm.

You will need to bring:

- your shotgun with a sling

- 24 Bird Shot rounds

- 5 "00" Buck rounds

- 4 Slug rounds

- Your handgun with a holster & 14 handgun rounds

Dimlight / Night Fire Handgun

[ $45.00 Does NOT include ammunition.  You will need approximately 150 rounds.  Bring your handgun, holster, 3 magazines, and a flashlight ]

The majority of shootings, assaults & robberies occur in evenings and at night.  Addressing a threat at night with your handgun brings about a host of issues.  


A very large concern will be that of lighting.  There may not always be house lights to turn on.  You may be outside or the power may be off. This course covers various techniques for using a handgun in combination with a flashlight. 

Gunshot Wound & Major Trauma Care

[ $45.00 ]

This course covers addressing serious injuries, preventing fatal blood-loss.  Participants are taught how to properly apply a Tourniquet, how to use 'Combat Guaze', and Chest Seals.


Tourniquets and IFAK's (Individual First-Aid Kits) will be available for purchase at a substantial discount.

Concealed Carry: Active Shooter Response Course

[ $90.00 Does NOT include ammunition.  You will need approximately 250 rounds. ]

An in-depth course covering Close Combat drills, Shooting While Moving, Addressing Threats in Chaotic Situations, Shooting Decision-Making, Shooting from seated positions etc. 

The "Active Shooter" course has some different facets. We have done classes for Church "Security Teams" as well as classes for various businesses & professional organizations and practices. For example:

  • Medical Practices office and Staff

  • Professional Offices and Staff

  • Realtors and Real Estate agents

In conjunction with the "Active Shooter" programs, TDTC offers additional options to include:

  • Planning and Preparation

  • Threat Assessment and Facility Evaluation

  • Legal Ramifications of Use of Force

  • Stop the Bleed and "Civilian Active Assailant Medical Preparedness (CAAMP)

Handgun Cleaning & Maintenance

[ $40.00 Up to 2 handguns may be cleaned during class.  Inform us of the make and models. ]

This course will teach you how to track-down your handgun, clean & lubricate it and then reassemble.  The course will share recommendations of cleaning supplies.  Cleaning kits will be be provided and you will leave with your cleaning kit & supplies.  This class is limited to 16 people.

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