Your peace of mind at an affordable price

At Tactical Defense Training Center we offer comprehensive training programs designed to give you the confidence and tools to overcome life-threatening encounters. 

In today's environment our streets, shops, malls, homes, schools, churches, nursing homes etc are now prime targets for that element of society that wants to prosper from attacks on those that appear to be at a disadvantage. 

Our training programs will prepare you with the skills, mental awareness, and plans that will help make certain that you will not be taken advantage of. From our basic handgun course to our most advanced tactical course, you will receive state-of-the-art tactics along with guidance to help you get to a comfortable level of expertise. 

You will practice and train so that awareness is enhanced giving you tools that can be used at a moment’s notice. Considerations are given to your particular situation including weapon(s), mode of carry, home & work environments as well as issues not covered in other training programs.






We really enjoyed your class.  I truly enjoyed your course and would really like to attend more advanced courses.
I have attended several different advanced level courses as I am aware it a perishable skill and always look to maintain my skill level.

Thanks Zeke! Kim and I really enjoyed the class. We thought you did a fantastic job and the ability to shoot several handguns was outstanding.

Thank you Zeke!
That was a great class and I learned a great deal!
Hope to be able to join your team again soon in the future.
Have a great weekend,

Hi Zeke. This is Bill. Your training was fantastic on Saturday. Enjoyed it very much. I was discussing it with my coworkers. I was telling them how great the courses are.

Let me be the first to say, I've known Sgt Mathena for over 5 decades. He is a straight up person. If you're ever in his area, sign up and take any one of the courses he offers. Next time I visit Fla, you can be sure I'm stopping in. Get trained and get confident

Wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the class on Friday.  It was awesome.  The four of us want to take another class, will get with you probably after the holidays settle down. 

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